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A simple Life

When I was a kid, I had a healthy rural upbringing. I liked the peace, stalking through the gullies with the neighbour kid and his dog, swimming in the ocean, not doing much but just enjoying the simple pleasure of being outdoors. I was happy in my own company. I don’t remember having or needing a lot of toys or possessions. I had everything I needed and nothing I didn’t. Then something happens in your mid-to late teens: it becomes all about noise and happy chaos, the more the friends the better, parties , music and all the normal stuff that goes with the madness and harmless fun of youth. A business or two, a still happy marriage and two perfectly imperfect and lively children later and I find myself taking a full circle. I crave quiet and harmony. I have a strong dislike of conflict. I look for simple things. I like to be outside. I paint rooms white and declutter everything. Its funny how we come back to ourselves. It seems I’m not alone: there is a general movement towards to minimalism. It applies to material things, but also to emotional well being as well. Its about slowing down, enjoying the moment and having time to breathe. Its not about owning no possessions, its about getting rid of what you don’t need, and not purchasing anything unnecessary. Its why Joshua Field s Millburn & Ryan Niocdemus, known as The Minimalists, have 300,000 face book followers and sold 4 million books. It why 200 million people practice Yoga worldwide, every single day. Its why the tiny house movement is taking the world by storm. We are all collectively craving calm and peace while every where we look we are encouraged to buy, eat, spend. Its about not succumbing to the consumerist ideal that we buy things we don’t need to fill some kind of emotional void. How often do we buy things just because there is a sale? Because it’s a good deal? To be happy? ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’ a famous quote by designer and poet William Morris rings true. It is so liberating to be rid of unnecessary stuff., it creates space and evokes calm. Its about buying quality not quantity, and making ethical choices. Less wastage, and making the most of what you have rather than buying something for the sake of it hasa better financial and environmental outcome for all of us. It about growing your own food, and teaching children those skills too. Nothing is more rewarding than picking food you have grown yourself and eating it with those you love. Its about getting outside and feeling the wind in your hair and the sand between your toes. It doesn’t cost a cent, and is way better for your soul than a trip to any shopping mall could ever be.

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