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Drought In Pictures

Since my last blog post, we have had 20 mm of rain!! The most we have had for months. The steady patter of rain on a corrugated iron roof is my new favorite sound. Just magic. Even though this is not even any where close to being a drought breaker, and the howling Nor'Westers have dried up that 20mm, it was such a morale booster to see real rain and actual puddles. I think we all thought it may have forgotten how to do it.

This drought we find ourselves in is (hopefully!!) an historic event, and so I feel is is incredibly important that we document it so we have a visual record for the future. I have begun visiting farms in our area , and photographing these sometimes desolate landscapes, for future reference as well as raising current awareness. North Canterbury, even at her dusty and bleak worst, still manages to be often breathtakingly beautiful.

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